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Children's Home - a Swedish organisation, created by ordinary people, with the charity for vulnerable children in Africa.

We support NGOs who aim for poverty children. The NGOs need to increase their work and knowledge about the countries rules, laws and regulations and claim local society rights from authorities. The local and regional government are the forefront to bringing human rights to all.

The collobration Swedish Children's Home have with NGOs, develop us and give us a greater understanding of how poverty arises. We are constantly working to learn more about Convention on the Right of a child and Human Rights, and will give also you information through your sponsorship.

Sponsor a child:
For 100 Swedish crowns per month.

If you think of to do lasting difference - become a child sponsor! And change the world today...

Poverty, sickness and difficult life situations mean that many parents cannot care for their children adequately. 

Sponsorship for a village:

Sponsor a village for 100 Swedish crowns per month

The sponsorship support communities who participate in MCTFs educational, training, healthcare and family strengthening programmes

Support with a donation:
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Your donation from other country then Sweden:

BANK: Swedbank
IBAN: SE2680000842029348979734

From Sweden:
Swish 123 3385531

We believe strongly on community and voluntary work for human rights and convention of child´s rights.

Contact us at childrenshome@live.se

All information in email is in English

Photography policy:

Our photography policy statement is clear that parents or carers should gain verbal or written permission before sharing photographs or videos of children


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Our Services


100 SEK per month. After more then 8 years with working to save and protect children in Africa, we understand that all children do not grow up in safe homes. We support organizations where they can do much good by pooling sponsor funds in order to attack the problems facing the communities where the children live with long-term, sustainable solutions. Your sponsorship is for a child but also for the work to change poverty rate in the region.

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Travel as a volunteer to Ghana

We can help with several volunteer programs. 

You can give back to commmunites in need, support children in school, help orphanages, work as a volunteer in a hospital, work with humanitarian volunteering with NGOs who support poverty families in a long-term with help to self-help.

Price example: Price is including pick up at airport, introduction program, room, food 3 times per day, chef. Exluded flight, vaccin, VISA, insurance.

Price 3 weeks 5500 SEK, 12 weeks 14 500 SEK. All money you pay for volunteer trip reaches the poverty area you visit

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Give a gift

Support with a gift for health care, safe water, nutrition, education, emergency relief and more to poverty children and communities at scale

  • SWISH 123 3385531
  • Bankgiro 489-7658

Flea market volunteer Timrå, Sweden

In Timrå Kommun a flea market support Children's Home. The flea market is open between March and October and all benefits go to our help for poverty children in Africa.

Do you want to help us? Two days per week the flea market is open between 11 am to 3 pm.

Adress Solrosvägen 15.

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